The Victorian and the Whale


Two channel video projection installation, video and 3D animation with sound, 8:38, 2017

The Victorian and the Whale is a two channel video projection and installation that presents the opposing ends of the whaling industry: the undisturbed whale and its processed domestic use by women. The Victorian woman’s interactions with whaling would have been: corset-wearers; swift-winders; lamp-lighters; those-left-behind. Juxtaposing live action and 3D animation, the work uses different video languages to suggest other temporalities, atmospheric environments, and degrees of reality. The 3D animation program Maya creates an unprecedented conduit between the imagination and visuals. The image of the whale is remade and controlled, as is still impossible in the external world; there are no whale actors. The archetypes of the whale and the victorian are paired in a ballet of constraint and liberation.

Excerpts from The Victorian and the Whale
(Adapted for single channel)